As a fine artist, I have always been asked to share how I create something. More recently I was asked WHY I create so many things. The answer to that is that I have been battling anxiety and depression through my creative energy, without knowing that it was a superpower that people long to tap into. 

Inside of us all, lies an endless river of creativity, and how we access that is going to differ from person to person. I really wanted to do an art therapy/ art lesson series, quite similar to a sip and paint, but where you learn a real artistic skill. That, combined with an intimate setting where sharing your story is encouraged, can only lead to women connecting on a deeper level, and that creative energy being made manifest through art. Yasssss queens!

You can be a beginner, practitioner of some other form of art, or just someone looking to find a tribe. Let's do this together.

These classes used to be in-person in my studio in D.C, but due to COVID I am not hosting them virtually. Sign up below for our email list, so you can know when we will be hosting them, and what to bring with ya! While some require materials, others will be free-form. 

Past Classes have included: 

- Cookie Decorating
- Plant Swap Party 
- Fine Ceramics 
- Acrylic Pour 


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